domain name services

In order to secure the domain name you want to use, if you haven’t already got one, it’s important to purchase it as soon as possible before somebody else does. You don’t actually have to use the name when you purchase it, as we can “park” it on our servers for when you’re ready to have a website. If you already have a domain name we will transfer it to our servers should you wish us to host your website.

Our services include:

  • registration and hosting of your domain name(s)
  • DNS configuration to direct traffic to your website
  • setting up email boxes for your domain
  • transferring existing domain names
  • domain name parking

Indicative costs for domain name registration are:


Standard Prices If purchasing more than 10 domains
UK Domains
( etc min two year period)
£15 per year £12 per year
US Domains
(.com etc)
£15 per year £12 per year
.TV Domains £45 per year £40 per year
.INFO Domains
(min two year period)
£15 per year £12 per year
.BIZ Domains
(min two year period)
£15 per year £12 per year
.NAME Domains
(1, 2, or 10 year period)
£15 per year £12 per year

Domains ending in .uk can only be registered for two years at a time. Names ending in .info and .biz have to be registered for a minimum of 2 years.

Our pricing is discounted based on the number of domain years you are buying. For example, if you registered 20 .com names each for a 2 year term you will have purchased 40 domain years and the price is £6.50 per domain year.

What you get with your domain if you purchase it from ArcadiaBlue:

  • E-Mail Forwarding - You can create up to 50 separate e-mail forwarders, so for example you can setup to forward to
  • Website Forwarding - You can setup forwarding so that visitors to actually go to Your original domain will stay in the address bar and your visitors will never know. We won't put a banner or any adverts on your page.
  • 100% DNS Control - If you want to move your domain to another ISP you can do so with no extra charge (note that if you do this you will not be able to use the e-mail or website forwarding)



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